What are incoterms?

    Incoterms are three-letter standard trade terms that are pre-defined and international accepted which covers and defines issues as control of goods and financial responsibilities, including payment of cargo insurance and freight. They provide International traders with a common set of rules, outlining each party’s obligations, thus bringing transparency and understanding.

    What is the difference between consignment which is stackable and non-stackable?

    Stacking of goods makes it an efficient way to transport. However, not all goods can be stacked due to the shape, contents, and packing of the cargo. Also, It may depend on the weight and stacking capability.
    For more information about stackable/ non-stackable goods please contact your nearest branch office.

    Do you transport dangerous goods?

    Devaya Logistics assists you with all types of cargo and is capable to handle hazardous/dangerous materials. For any assistance regarding packaging solutions and transportation of dangerous goods, please contact your nearest office for further information.

    What is MSDS?

    A Material Safety Data Sheet is a detailed document that contains comprehensive information for both workers and emergency personnel on potential hazards like fire, health, reactivity and environment and how to work and handle safely a controlled product.

    What is HS CODE?

    It is an abbreviation of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. It is a 6-10 digit number that is established by the World Customs Organization for classification, tracking, and management of goods moving internationally.

    What is the difference between 40DRY and 40HQ?

    The biggest difference between 40 ‘DRY and 40’ HQ is the height. Thus there is little variation in shipping rates.

    Please refer to the following specifications.
    – 40 ‘DRY: Width (inside) 2,438 (2,330), length (inside) 12,192 (11,998), height (inside) 2,591 (2,350)
    – 40 ‘HQ: Width (inside) 2,438 (2,330), length (inside) 12,192 (11,998), height (inside) 2,895 (2,665)

    I would like to know about the fuel surcharge.

    Basically, a surcharge is an additional charge in regards to the basic rate to recover the extra cost of the airliners due to unexpected events when calculating the rate. The fuel surcharge is an additional shipping charge imposed on each passenger and cargo due to the increase in transportation costs when the price of jet fuel rises due to the surge in international oil prices.