Our History

You’re probably aware that, in the simplest terms, logistics refers to the organised management of goods being transported from one place to another. 

Logistics, a term often misinterpreted as transportation is in actuality much more than transporting goods and services. It is in fact, a system that ensures proper and smooth movement of product or services in the entire supply passage resulting in proper and timely delivery. The overall logistics system includes packaging, storage, handling and transportation along with proper information flow.


  • So where does the word ‘logistics’ come from? Well, it all began in Greece with the word “logos”. “Logos” basically meant reason/ratio. From there, the Greeks evolved the word into “logistiki”, which essentially translated to financial organization.
  • As Western language emerged and early French took hold, the common meaning of words being adapted and revised occurred. Effectively, ‘logistiki’ became ‘loger’; which essentially meant ‘lodge’. As our language further evolved and took shape, it arrived at “logistics”, describing the management of the flow of goods and resources from an organization.

Military logistics

  • The application of logistics dates back to the existence of the Human Race when its thirst for territory invasion. It’s believed that logistics essentially became what is primarily thanks to ancient militaristic operations. Military logistics focused on the process of managing the transport of ammunition/weaponry and provisions to troops.
  • Logistics, as we know it now, falls much more in line with the commercial side of transporting goods. Whether it’s across countries, states, or suburbs, logistics exist in some form for almost any conceivable distance. Even when you think of space exploration, the fact that tools and equipment need to be transported as part of such endeavors, logistics has ultimately moved outside our own atmosphere.
  • With new technologies, logistics continue to be improved upon. Companies such as Amazon in the US are considering investing in drones to deliver goods to customers, and Domino’s even did this as part of a marketing stunt for its brand.
  • Military logistics continues to this day as well, only technology has made the process far quicker and effective.
  • As the future of logistics is ahead of us, it could involve drones, blimps, cleaner energy, or even a possible reduction in the need to move items from point A to point B.
  • Regardless of what the future holds, logistics will continue to play a significant role in the lives of many.

We now at Devaya have been through Tremendous Transformations in the past 4 years.

  • 2020

    June, 22 Venus Worldwide’s Successful run lead to Devaya Logistics Pvt. ltd.

  • 2017

    June, 22 Loyal Logistics transformed in to Venus Worldwide

  • 2016

    June, 22 Started Operations as Loyal Logistics