Air Freight

Services Details

We certainly understand that for airfreight you pay a premium price and it is expensive. Our experts are hence placed to give you solutions that involve a minimum transit, timely updates, consolidation, intermodal opportunities, and light on the pocket.  As we are very well equipped with the knowledge and access to aircraft capacity we can provide customized solutions and enhance your capacity to reach to your customers with the quickest route and right price.

Additional services and expertise

  • Priority Air Freight Service
  • Door to Door Services Worldwide
  • Business localization
  • Procedural knowledge of Import and Export documentation
  • Contracts based on a fixed price for volume commitments on prime carriers
  • Next Flight Out service
  • Best Flight Out service
  • Economic Airfreight service
  • Compliance knowledge
  • Charter flights


  • Just in Time – 24 / 7
  • Packaging, Palletizing, and Warehousing
  •  Door- to- Door Worldwide
  • Priority Air Freight service
  • Skilled in handling unique shipments and perilous material
  • Full and partial Charters
  • Value contracts for volume responsibilities on prime transporters
  • Ensured outbound payload space distribution with significant Airlines
  • Country specialists serving Latin America / CIS markets.