Service Details

Consolidation is a very efficient way to bring down your freight charges and also minimizes the custom clearance time, thus speeding up the total transit time. We offer a consolidation facility to buyers who have Cargo coming from various sellers. We simplify the entire complicated process for our customers, being one point of contact for all their queries.

Your Industry Sector

Every Industry has specific requirements and each Industry has its own unique set of challenges. We believe in taking up those challenges and come up with solutions. We believe in pushing ourselves to the next well and bring out the best in us for the customers. We believe in being a Logistics Partner for our customers and not us a service provider. We take responsibility for the work we do and believe in serving our customers to an extended level.

Consolidated Cargo

Consolidation for export is a service we would be providing very shortly, where we will be very consolidating cargo from multiple shippers and moving to a common destination all togather. In doing so there will certain challenges, but we believe in overcoming them and will eventually help our valuable customers in saving their logistics cost. We at Devaya believe that everything is possible with passion and perseverance. Our Commitment to work on behalf of the customer and not for the customer is a thought which motivates our Organisation.